Baldwin's Trump sends Grim Reaper Bannon "back to hell"

by Frankie Norman April 17, 2017, 0:46
Baldwin's Trump sends Grim Reaper Bannon

"These 100 days have been such a success, and I'm so sad my presidency is coming to an end", Trump tells Vice President Mike Pence, played by cast member Colin Jost.

Pence then informed Trump that Bannon and Kushner had been "at each other's throats" and suggested he talk to them both. Bannon returned in his guise as the Grim Reaper and Jimmy Kimmel guested as a non-speaking Jared Kushner - complete with Iraq flack jacket and blue yacht club blazer. The two stand before him like contestants on a reality TV show.

Baldwin-as-Trump says, "I know I'm bad with women, but that sounds even worse".

Trump: "I met with the Chinese president".

The Grim Reaper enters as Bannon.

"It would be really great if the nitpickers could try to see the big picture, and didn't exclusively focus on every little slur and lie I say", "Spicey" says.

House Dems are now pushing a "discharge petition" on a bill, which would require all USA presidents - including Trump - to disclose their tax returns or the Office of Government Ethics and the FEC can request the returns from the Treasury and make them publicly available.

Pence replies, "Sir, I love when you joke so casually about North Korea". This resulted in Bannon being sent off to Hell, and Kushner got to take Trump's seat at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office.

"Yes, you all got your wish this week, didn't you, huh?"

"Spicey finally made a mistake", he says, frustrated, and sweaty from the costume.

McCarthy's Spicer reminded everyone that Trump bombed Syria "while eating the most lovely piece of cake this week, and that is a fact". You fool me once, right?

"Yeah, I know they're not really called 'Holocaust centers.' Duh, I know that". And just before SNL's broadcast, US military officials reported that North Korea had test-fired a missile, which exploded and failed to launch. He goes on to brag about taunting North Korea.

Saturday night wasn't special just for bringing out big stars but also for being the first time in the long history of "SNL" that the show went live at the same time coast-to-coast.

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