B.C. party leaders slamming opponents' spending promises on campaign trail

by Frankie Norman April 15, 2017, 5:38

To address concerns of renters, Horgan said an NDP government would give all renters a $400 rebate and would revamp the Residential Tenancy Act to tighten rent controls and prevent renovictions.

In regards to claims that people already living in the province still can't find housing, Clark says it's municipalities' responsibility to solve the problem.

"We want renters to know that if they're renting a place in the Lower Mainland, on the Island, in the interior, wherever they may be, they have access to this grant".

The soaring cost of home ownership has been a high-profile issue in B.C., and the provincial government has responded by creating several policies aimed at curbing real estate prices, including a 15 per cent buyer's tax on non-Canadians and non-permanent residents.

"Those things actually help people who are struggling and I think that is the important thing", he said.

"We are playing politics (that) could be significantly damaging to our transportation system based on these very populist-type proposals", he said. Horgan said. "We're going to refinance the Port Mann Bridge when we get inside and see how bad it is".

Describing MSP as regressive and an unfair burden on low and fixed-income British Columbians, Weaver says they should be rolled into payroll tax and personal income tax to make them fairer.

Roy is also behind a new strategy outlined by the BC Rental Housing Coalition, which calls for a significant increase in rental and affordable housing development, adding he'd like to see the New Democrats and other parties support it.

The credit would apply to each rental unit, so multiple renters sharing a single residence wouldn't receive a cumulative benefit.

"The consequences of this NDP billion-dollar crater are an automatic credit downgrade, higher debt, guaranteed deficits, and massive tax hikes on BC's middle class", said de Jong. Provincewide, the vacancy rate is 1.3 per cent, and 0.8 per cent in Vancouver.

"We're going to eliminate them".

Clark made the comments after touring the clean energy technology company General Fusion.

Horgan said Clark's government failed to create jobs in the LNG sector which they promised in the last election.

Clark also saluted the many volunteers in her riding who work on her constituency campaign in her absence on the provincial campaign trail. "Every single sector of the economy really matters".

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