AT&T's unlimited data plan offers free HBO, here's what to know

by Lawrence Cooper April 7, 2017, 1:54
AT&T's unlimited data plan offers free HBO, here's what to know

Sprint's new Unlimited Freedom offer will go live tomorrow, April 7.

The company is ending its long-standing 50%-off deal, which offered up to four lines for $90 per month to new customers, and is instead settling on a more reasonable, but still lower-than-T-Mobile pricing structure that starts at $50 per month for one line. Unless the other USA carriers start reducing their prices, Sprint's plan is obviously the best option if you're looking to save some money and you need one or more new smartphone lines.

"Our customers want wireless entertainment on their terms, and we're going to deliver", AT&T Entertainment Group Chief Marketing Officer David Christopher said in a statement. "This new plan continues to offer the best price for unlimited among all national carriers. Within the first year, Verizon's and AT&T's unlimited plans will cost consumers at least 50 percent more!" Streaming gaming will top out at 8Mbps, while streaming music will go up to 1.5Mbps.

The price of 4 line unlimited plan is $180 from Verizon, $185 from AT&T and $160 from T-Mobile against Sprint's $120 per month. In the aftermath of that change, Sprint today announced that they are making additional changes to the plans offered to customers. For example, Sprint has been pushing its 50% off promotion for the last three years, but it has made a decision to end the promotion this week, according to The Wall Street Journal. Sprint's strategy was to lure customers in and then upsell them to a more expensive service later, but with so many customers already being on unlimited plans, there was nothing to upsell. "The return of unlimited plans from all major US mobile operators is good news for consumers, and also reflects operators' growing confidence in their network". Sprint has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) North America for the past five years. Includes unlimited talk, text and data. Pricing shown with $5/month AutoPay discount applied within two invoices.

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