Utah Acquiring Strictest Blood Alcohol Limit

by Jared Lewis March 25, 2017, 0:56
Utah Acquiring Strictest Blood Alcohol Limit

Across the country, the blood-alcohol content limit for most drivers is 0.08, but limits vary among states for commercial drivers or drivers who have had a past DUI conviction.

Herbert's announcement that he will sign the bill provoked disappointment from the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association, whose executive director Michele Corigliano predicted the lower limit will put independent restaurant owners out of business because their operational margin is already so slim. "There are a lot of things that haven't been considered on both sides so we need to make sure we do this right". Some critics say the new law could make people think Utah is "weird", something Herbert acknowledged he's heard.

Proponents said it will send a resounding message that people should not drink and drive - no matter how little somebody has had to drink.

"There's not many Mormons in Rome, and they do this, too", Herbert said. She did say her organization will work in "good faith" with lawmakers as changes to the bill are consider. "And we can look at impaired driving and distracted driving and repeat offenders - those who in fact have been arrested for DUIs on multiple occasions - and our punishment, and what are the consequences of the punishment", he said.

"Where would you want to come and visit?" he asked.

Herbert pointed to another advertisement with a contrasting message by brewer Heineken that features race vehicle driver Jackie Stewart.

Groups representing Utah restaurants and the ski and snowboarding industry had urged him to veto the measure, saying it would hurt tourism and punish responsible drinkers. "This law does not target drinking; it is a public safety law that targets impaired driving". Stewart is repeatedly offered a drink, but refuses because he's still driving.

Herbert said he's seen no data that shows a negative impact to travel and tourism, and cited other countries in Europe like Germany, France and Italy that maintain a.05 limit.

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