PS4 Media Player Update Today Brings 4K Video Support to PS4 Pro

by Edgar Hayes March 29, 2017, 0:19
PS4 Media Player Update Today Brings 4K Video Support to PS4 Pro

It seems that Sony had to update the PS4's built-in Media Player app in order to bring this new feature. This allows you to watch 4K videos saved on your USB device. So, if you are using an external hard drive as an expansion of the PS4's internal storage, the USB drive can only be used to save games and apps and it can't be used to play or save videos.

MORE: PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One - Which 4K Console is For You? Streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Video do not support HDR via PS4's Media Player app.

Overall, Sony's strategy with getting 4K video on its more powerful PS4 Pro is a little lackluster.

In better news it'll open up support for 4K VR content for PlayStation VR owners, although that will be limited by the headset's display resolution. Sony announced the update on their PlayStation Blog.

The support is now limited to videos encoded in the MP4 format, so MKV clips won't play but it's always possible Sony could add this support in the future. First, you'll need to make sure the 4K video you're trying to watch is an MP4. Microsoft declared that they should soon offer Amazon Video 4K, but we don't have an exact date for this. With the updated version of the media player app, it is now easier than ever to find your home server and automatically list movies available in it. And thanks to Backwards Compatibility, all four games can be played on Xbox One. If you have the equipment for it, you can record 360 degree 4K video and then dive into the video on your PS VR at home.

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