Paul predicts GOP healthcare plan will fail

by Frankie Norman March 20, 2017, 0:02
Paul predicts GOP healthcare plan will fail

One beneficiary of GOP's tax bill: President Trump. Last Wednesday, Ryan announced that his beleaguered bill would need to undergo some changes and "incorporate feedback" from his members ahead of its vote on the House floor this Thursday.

"President Trump has repeatedly said that this bill is not his bill, it is a preliminary first step and open for negotiations", Cotton said.

Several Republicans have said they can't support the law as it stands and are demanding changes.

"It's a fine needle that needs to be threaded", Price said.

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller says he can't support the House GOP health care bill in its current form, leaving the measure short of the support it needs in the Senate.

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., who represents a suburban Philadelphia district that has been heavily targeted by Democrats, said in a Facebook post that he was most concerned that the legislation would roll back efforts to prevent and treat opioid abuse. He then went on to say that the GOP is working on changes in the American Health Care Act that would allow federal block grants to states for Medicaid.

The House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi, hoped that instead the Republicans would work towards the implementation of the Affordable care Act or Obamacare.

An analysis by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found 24 million people would lose their health insurance over a decade though the bill would also reduce the deficit.

Cotton disputes the suggestion that Obamacare is working well in Arkansas or enjoys much popularity, but acknowledges high anxiety among his constituents about what happens next.

The CBO, which works for Congress, projected that under the plan, premiums would increase 15 to 20 percent in 2018 and 2019.

"We're still having conversations with our members", Ryan (R-Wisc.) said on "Fox News Sunday". He added that while "market freedom and regulatory relief" would "dramatically lower" costs in that age demographic, "even with that, we think, we should be offering more assistance than what the bill now does".

At the same time, insurance premiums will continue to rise in the near term, especially for older Americans. That, according to the CBO estimate, leads to substantial cost savings that - together with cuts to Medicaid - allow the GOP plan to eliminate almost all of the taxes imposed under the ACA.

Trump repeated his claim that so-called Obamacare is "a disaster".

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC 11th District), told C-Span's Newsmakers that there were now 40 Republican "no" votes in the House.

"I think there's enough conservatives that do not want 'ObamaCare lite, ' " Paul said on ABC's "This Week".

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