Microsoft faces new class-action lawsuit over its Windows 10 upgrade policy

by Edgar Hayes March 28, 2017, 0:23

The filing details each how the IL trio either inadvertently or after being nagged elected to install Windows 10 on their computers only to have the update to wipe their data and case system damage. According to the filing many consumers have suffered from hard drive failures, data loss and software inoperability from upgrading to Windows 10. Every user has the option to whether they want the upgrade or not, however, the company is also offering free services to downgrade the machine if they don't like the new system.

The plaintiffs claim they have more than 100 class members already and at present are looking for $5 million in damages.

It's been almost a year since Microsoft ended its free Windows 10 updade offer for Windows 7 and 8 users, but the company's aggressive upgrade prompts could once again get it in hot waters. The first the consumer knows of the installation is a message on the computer screen, "DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER WHILE WINDOWS 10 IS BEING DOWNLOADED".

Of course, as we observed in this piece on the outrage over Windows 10 automatic upgrades, Microsoft made sure there were still warnings that the upgrade was scheduled to take place - although these warnings were perhaps missed by users in some cases, or indeed misunderstood by less tech-savvy folks. Plaintiffs complain that the ads were too hard to uninstall and didn't allow them to refuse the upgrade or keep the ads from popping up again.

"Many consumers have had their hard drives fail because of the Windows 10 installation", alleged the complaint. These pop-up boxes would advertise the free upgrade offer to Windows 10 with two buttons, "Upgrade Now" or "Upgrade tonight".

Help us make this show the best Microsoft podcast in the world. Robert Saiger, another plaintiff, chose to upgrade to the new OS but his other software stopped working after the upgrade.

In the USA a lawsuit has been aimed against Microsoft which accuses Windows 10 of damaging PCs and causing users to lose data. "After three attempts to download Windows 10, each of which tied up his computer for extended periods of time, Goldberg's computer was damaged, and Windows 10 was not actually downloaded and functional", the complaint read. He also alleges that he had to pay Microsoft to fix his computer.

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