Magician Criss Angel back on stage a day after stunt went wrong

by Wade Massey March 13, 2017, 0:25
Magician Criss Angel back on stage a day after stunt went wrong

Angel was rushed to Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, from where he was discharged a few hours later.

Criss Angel's Las Vegas show Mindfreak Live! took a turn for the worse when the famous illusionist became unconsciousness while performing his double-straitjacket act, according to guests at the Luxor hotel.

According to a Saturday report from TMZ, the 49-year-old NY native was in the middle of performing an illusion where he was attempting to get out of a straightjacket while hanging upside down when he suddenly passed out in front of a horrified audience. Peter wrote, "What an very bad experience!" "10 mins into the show, Criss Angel was doing his upside down straitjacket stunt and was nearly out after spinning for 2 mins and then they let him down". Sehl wrote, "He stopped moving, curtain down". The newspaper reported that before he was forced to undergo surgery on his shoulder, "he had performed more than 2,100 shows over five years without canceling a performance". Angel's fans and the audience were concerned, though some people attending the performance were unhappy the show was halted after a break of about 15 minutes. The show was cancelled and Angel was sent to the ER. "Criss Angel lost consciousness in mid-air".

Thankfully, Angel seems to have recovered from the scary incident. Thankfully, he was said to have walked out of the facility that same night. For The First Time?

According to published reports Sunday, Angel returned to the show Saturday and performed.

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