Google's Uptime app is a more social way to watch YouTube videos

by Lawrence Cooper March 14, 2017, 0:21
Google's Uptime app is a more social way to watch YouTube videos

Last year Google launched a startup incubator called Area 120, which was created to give its employees a place within the company to flesh out their own ideas. Having an app that lets you share your favorite videos with friends is something that might excite a lot of users.

A search bar at the bottom of the app offers an easy way to discover new videos to watch, and if this all sounds somewhat commonplace, the real magic of Uptime starts to happen once you're actually watching something.

This could be how we'll share the video-watching experience in the future.
Somewhat surprisingly, from the company behind Android, the app is now iPhone-only.

Last year, Google launched an initiative called Area 120 meant to be an in-house incubator to develop start-up ideas. While you watch a video, you can see an icon from your Google account moving around the screen to signify progress in the video. You can also do stuff like comment or post emojis like smiley face, surprised face, angry face and so on. This is understandable considering the fact that Uptime is still new and probably still being tested; though iPhone users now have access to it via iTunes.

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends.

The premise is an interesting one - sharing the experience of watching together, even if your friends aren't gathered around the same TV, or huddled over the same phone.

- Interact and chat while watching videos. YouTube Go also lets you send videos to other YouTube Go users nearby over a local ad-hoc Wi-Fi hotspot that won't use up either person's data. As a Canadian I'm not able to download the app, which is unfortunate because I'd love to be able to add my first-hand impressions.

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