April The Giraffe Has Most Watched Baby Bump, Watch Live Cam

by Jared Lewis March 7, 2017, 0:17
April The Giraffe Has Most Watched Baby Bump, Watch Live Cam

As of Monday morning, Erin Dietrich's video showing off her pregnant stomach while wearing a giraffe mask and milling around in a bedroom had more than seven million views.

Even though the zoo expected the calf might have appeared more than a week ago, there's no need to worry about April's health.

The keepers said there's been a "significant amount of belly movement and tail raising" lately from April but that her appetite is "notably strong" and she is still in good health as the birth approaches. She is slated to give birth any day.

They say it will weigh around 150 pounds and will be about 6 feet tall at birth.

"I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this", the mother wrote of her parody, "Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich household".

April the giraffe's impending birth continues to enthrall viewers across the country who have been glued to the live cam inside her enclosure for weeks.

Keep watch so you don't miss the live birth! You can see the moment of truth above. April is still pregnant, and there is only one official site providing the live feed. Labor lasts anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Despite millions of people waiting in suspense for the birth of the baby giraffe in NY, the young calf has still not been born yet.

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