Amazon Brings Prime Now Delivery to Milwaukee

by Frankie Norman March 24, 2017, 0:20
Amazon Brings Prime Now Delivery to Milwaukee

Both companies are competing for the top spot in the growing smart home market, with their Alexa and HomeKit-powered platforms, respectively.

Well as it turns out Huawei had some trouble keeping its promise.

The Huawei Mate 9 will come preinstalled with Alexa, which is similar to Siri in apple devices or Cortana in Windows devices.

The Huawei Mate 9 with Alexa on board also provides easy access to news, entertainment, games, trivia, music, and a lot more. You will have already received the Huawei-branded app via the update (currently only in the U.S, no info on wider availability) but Amazon's own Alexa app will also require installation to make the service run. Only then will you be able to either use the “Alexa” hot word or tap the mic button to speak your command. Alexa wasn't present on the phone when it was shipped in the United States but Huawei did say that the feature would be added through a software update later.

Despite being the world's third largest smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has been struggling in the US.

Previous year the Wynn Las Vegas resort became the first hotel to install Alexa-powered Echo devices, announcing plans to do so in all of its 4,748 rooms.

Alexa is one of the most popular smart voice assistants, and the AI has not been attached to a smartphone in this way before.

First, you can't just call up Alexa from across the room as you might with Google Now or Siri on newer iPhones. The Vegas property is expanding the range of functions controlled by Alexa. Ford Motor Co. said in January that it plans to begin offering Alexa this summer in vehicles equipped with its Sync 3 infotainment system.

Huawei Mate 9 with Amazon Alexa Using the Huawei Alexa app on Mate 9, consumers can bring Amazon Alexa with them, taking advantage of its natural user interface.

There are no other limitations as to the use of Alexa on the Huawei phablet. Now the device is getting its own AI assistant Amazon Alexa.

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