Soulja Boy charged with felony weapons possession

by Wade Massey January 26, 2017, 0:19

Soulja was previously arrested on 15th December past year after police found the aforementioned firearms at his home in Studio City.

Soulja Boy is now on probation after he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour charge of unlawfully carrying a loaded firearm in 2014.

Soulja Boy was charged Monday with illegal possession of firearms, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office announced.

Big Soulja made headlines last month after getting arrested on a gun-related charge. Complex recalls police received a tip that Way was threatening people online with guns and searched his house.

He was also charged with a misdemeanor count for receiving a stolen Glock 21 by the Los Angeles County District Attorney. How did Soulja Boy end up with a gun stolen from a police vehicle? If convicted on the latest charges, Soulja's looking at more than four years behind bars.

Soulja Boy was originally to be released from his probation, which banned him from carrying weapons, at the end of December.

The "Crank That" singer had been toting guns in his social media posts before the arrest.

Way pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court, the Los Angeles Times reports. There are limited details about it but the outlet predicts it might have something to do with the Soulja Boy-Chris Brown boxing feud.

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