Sony debuts new Signature Series headphones, amplifier, and Walkman models

by Lawrence Cooper September 3, 2016, 4:06
Sony debuts new Signature Series headphones, amplifier, and Walkman models

This isn't about offering the best value for money, it's about offering the best sound quality. Sony's making another version - the NW-WM1A - that lacks the gold plating, alas, but costs about the same as the $1,200 high-res audio Walkman Sony introduced a year ago.

Yes, the Walkman is still very much around - and Sony has just unveiled two new music players, including one plated in gold. Convincing people to ditch their massive music collections and carry around a separate high-res player hasn't been easy for Sony, but surely high-res audio adoption will now skyrocket thanks to this new $3,680 gold-plated Walkman, right?

Of course, a lot depends on the quality of your headphones, so if you're going to splash out on a device like this, you'll want to invest in some quality head gear to go with it.

For $2,199.99, the amplifier supports a range of headphone connectors, including balanced and unbalanced designs. "The new series pushes sound to an entirely new realm - taking the headphone experience from "listening" to "feeling" it". They feature a 70mm magnesium dome driver, aluminum-coated diaphragm, and a neodymium magnet. The headband is constructed from lightweight, flexible beta titanium for more elasticity. Sony also introduced its MDR-1000X Hi-Res wireless noise cancelling stereo headphones that enables users to enjoy high-quality music, regardless of the surrounding noise. Both devices are expected to be available in October.

Additionally, the new ZH1ES supports the vast majority of Hi-Res music formats, including the highest resolution native DSD and PCM recordings. Even the cable that runs from the S-Master HX digital amplifier to the headphone socket is a four wire braided Kimber Kable in pursuit of absolute quality.

The newly developed Frame/Beam/Wall (FBW) chassis combines Wall structure with the familiar FB chassis that has been cultivated in the ES series.

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