How to make a bet on chess tournament

by Abel Hampton September 9, 2016, 17:24
How to make a bet on chess tournament

Chess is one of those rare sports, like cricket betting where you do not need to use your physical skills. Chess is a game of intellects, thus, in this game the strongest not always wins. As in any other sport, there are unexpected results in chess. One wrong move can change a favorite into the outsider. These markets are not very interesting for bettors, despite the fact that all the major bookmakers take bets on this sport as well. In 2018 the sport will be included in the program of the Winter Olympics. Many bettors still do not know that their bookmaker can take their bets on chess tournaments in sports gambling online.

And this game is familiar to many of us. So, it is worse to try.


1. The main forces of players are objectively reflected in the FIDE rating list. Of course, the sensations happen in chess as well, and an outsider can win in a single game. In this sport, a draw is not a rare event. Bookmakers put small odds on a draw - 1.50-2.00.

2. Usually, it is very important to see which figures belong to your player. Initially, the advantage has the one who goes with the white figures, however, this advantage not always impossible to realize. Among the players, there is even an unwritten rule that you need to reduce game in a draw playing with black figures, and white figures should win.

3. You must take seriously the level of the tournament before making any bets. This directly affects the motivation of the players. The mood in the qualifying matches of the regional tournaments and at the game for the title of world champion will be significantly different. Motivation is what every player needs to win. If there is no enough motivation, your player will probably loose. 


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