Google Shutters Project Ara to Streamline Hardware Efforts

by Edgar Hayes September 3, 2016, 4:03
Google Shutters Project Ara to Streamline Hardware Efforts

According to a new report from Reuters, Google may be done with Project Ara. He added that the project was a "science experiment that failed" and Google is moving on.

Project Ara was the joint venture of Projects Group, and Google's Advanced Technology and the venture was initiated in 2013 after Motorola launched it. One doesn't necessarily have to read the tea leaves here to see that Google's more than likely putting all of its focus, when it comes to smartphones, on the now rumored Pixel and Pixel XL devices. It changed its design philosophy to integrate many core mobile phone components like the CPU and radio into the Ara 'frame, ' while leaving other modules to be customized.

So, Alphabet Inc.'s Google has pulled the plug on Project Ara.

Google may license the technology to other vendors but have no intentions for revealing a project Ara phone under Google branding.

Since we first heard of Project Ara a couple of big smartphone firms have taken some of that modular magic, diluted it, and applied it to their smartphones.

A few months after a report was released earlier this year that Project Ara is still alive, Google has now suspended the development of the modular smartphone.

Modular phones are indeed an exciting concept to bring to the market, consumers are certainly interested in the prospect of prolonged battery life and upgradable camera performance, but it might not be a smart business move.

Project Ara began under Motorola nearly three years ago. It now looks like any modular smartphones of the future will not be directly associated with Google. Google even announced plans to do a trial run with Project Ara in Puerto Rico in January of previous year only to scrap those plans in August. It was positioned as a free, open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones.

Now however, Google's hardware chief Rick Osterloh has decided Chromebooks, Android devices and Google home seem like a much safer bet. He also disclosed that he is not at all surprised to know about the fact that Google has halted the project.

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