Players that will annoy you at the casino

by Abel Hampton August 11, 2016, 12:53
Players that will annoy you at the casino

It is believed that the time that a person spends in a casino must be full of positive and bright emotions. And it is true most of the time: there you can really forget about monotonous routine with worries and immerse yourself in the exciting world of gambling. However, all of the annoying factors of everyday life cannot be excluded completely even at live casino: today we will tell you about the main types of gamblers, which can spoil your mood at the casino. Still, try to avoid nervous breakdown: better just change the table or go to live roulette casino.

The Spy

Such people can exist not only in live casinos, you can meet them everywhere. However, in casinos, you can see enough of them. You can peacefully play video poker or slots when you will feel a closer look behind. Turning around, you will make sure that your intuition did not fail: a man standing there watching carefully for all that you do. What is better to do in this situation? Should we engage in conversation and try to explain the man that his behavior, to put it mildly, distracted you? We do not suggest this: as practice shows, conversations with such people rarely lead to something good. It makes more sense to simply stand up and give this man the place. Try casino live. You will not have to communicate with such audience there. If you will meet The Spy in casino live, make a break or go to another game. You can just refuse to communicate and that is all.


Another pretty common type of players - mentors. These people believe that they know the best how to play (for example, in blackjack), and therefore they usually try to teach everyone, no matter, if other people ask them about it or not. They can start to teach beginners and experienced players. It is not important for mentor whom guide. They can’t give you advices in live casinos anyway.

A group of friends

Perhaps one annoying player can be ignored. But sometimes they gather in groups at the same table: drink a lot, being loud, make jokes that are not always relevant.

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