Tory party leadership race

by Abel Hampton July 16, 2016, 15:30

"As somebody who campaigned to leave the European Union, I believe we have a bright future ahead of us- but we have to get it right".

Political healing after Britain's vote to leave the European Union seemed a distant prospect Friday, as Justice Secretary Michael Gove ramped up his Conservative leadership bid, and a senior colleague called for him to step aside.

His main rival for the leadership of the ruling Conservative Party is Theresa May, the country's interior minister, who campaigned for the Remain camp.

His decision to enter the race is a blow to fellow pro-Leave campaigner and former London mayor Boris Johnson, who many had pegged as Mr Cameron's most likely successor.

"Although I have a good working relationship with Theresa May, it's not reasonable for her to take something forward that she voted against". I'm the candidate for leader who led the case for change in this referendum campaign. "I had to stand for the leadership of this party".

"He is a man of great conviction and has been at the forefront of pushing for reforms that deliver for the least well off in our society".

By leading the United Kingdom out of the EU, Gove promised to end free movement and to introduce an Australian-style points-based system for immigration, and bring numbers down.

But Gove said putting friendship first in politics did not serve the country.

"I did not want it, indeed I did nearly everything not be a candidate for the leadership of this party", he insisted.

Under the front page headline "Brexecuted", The Sun said Johnson, who after Gove's shock move announced he would not run, had gone from "Brexit hero to zero in a week".

"There's a lot of raw nerves around, but I can see through the mist that we've got a critical choice ahead and I think Michael Gove is the change candidate with the vision, but also the track record, to deliver both on Brexit and the aspirational society we need".

The result of last week's referendum has rattled Britain's economy and divided the country - 52 percent of voters wanted to leave the European Union, while 48 percent voted to remain.

"I was so very reluctant because I know my limitations".

Notably, the Conservative Party announced that the victor will be chosen by September 9 after members of the party, who are 150,000, vote to choose between two candidates.

The first test comes on July 5 when the candidate with the least support in that vote will be eliminated, and the victor will be announced on September 9.

Information for this article was contributed by Jill Lawless of The Associated Press.

The field of five is completed by Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb and Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom.

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