Shootings Spark Protests in Louisiana,

by Wade Massey July 12, 2016, 0:41
Shootings Spark Protests in Louisiana,

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson, who The New York Times has described as "a national voice" for the movement, was arrested on Saturday night while protesting last week's police-shooting death of a black man in Baton Rouge.

One of the men killed by a white police officer was Alton Sterling, killed in Baton Rouge, in the southern state of Louisiana, where protests are intensifying.

A list released Monday by the East Baton Rouge Parish Sherriff's office shows that 38 of the 50 people arrested at protests that began Sunday are from Louisiana.

But most of those detained live in Louisiana and faced a single charge of obstructing a highway, Ms Hicks told the Associated Press.

The most recent shooting deaths by police come after several years of contentious killings by law enforcement officers, including that of Michael Brown, a teenager whose death in the summer of 2014 caused riots and weeks of protests in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson.

"Watch the police", he said in the video. McKesson realizes that police are arresting protesters and stops to record video of the interactions.

However, Mckesson stated repeatedly during the broadcast that protesters weren't blocking the roadway.

Black Lives Matter protesters gather on the Hernando Desoto Bridge in Memphis, Tenn., Sunday.

A portion of Government Street in downtown Baton Rouge remains closed after a group held an "unlawful protest" following a peace march that was held at the Louisiana State Capitol. Some drivers stopped by with bottles of water.

Just a few moments later, multiple police crossed onto the shoulder, tackling Deray and arresting him.

On Sunday, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said he was "very proud" of how the state law enforcement officials responded to the protests.

At one point police in riot gear came out to clear the road, as crowds of demonstrators yelled at them.

Those safety concerns were also on the mind of Baton Rouge resident Eugene Collins.

"It appears the protest at Baton Rouge Police Headquarters have become more violent as out-of-town protesters are arriving", he said.

Two police officers in Louisiana had seemingly subdued suspect Alton Sterling in a parking garage, when one of the officers pulled out his gun and fatally shot him. An officer could be heard pointing to a man with "loud shoes", and saying he would arrest him if he could reach him. "I have kids. They need to be raised in a better environment than they're in".

"These are human rights violations", Krystal Muhammad shouted to the crowd at the convenience store before heading over to the police department. He had been marching with other protesters along Airline Highway in Baton Rouge. "They are being predators on our communities across America".

Saturday night, police could be seen detaining at least three people after confiscating some weapons earlier in the day. But Montgomery said he also doesn't want anyone to get hurt in the protests. The week culminated in a sniper attack in Dallas on Thursday night, resulting in the deaths of five police officers, with 9 others injured.

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