Shooting of unarmed black man in Florida heightens calls for police review

by Abel Hampton July 23, 2016, 7:29

Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said her office would wait for the findings of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation before determining if the officer should face criminal charges. The officer is a member of the department's SWAT team. "I can assure you that the community will stay informed at all times".

Rivera, at the end of his news conference Thursday, read from a statement he said was from the officer who shot Kinsey.

"He got shot. He's very traumatized".

Cellphone video shows Kinsey lying in the street, holding his hands in the air.

"And he also explains to the police that the instrument in the autistic guy's hand is a toy truck", Napoleon said. The entire episode was recorded on a bystander's cellphone before it went viral later in the week.

It's what happened next that is now under scrutiny.

John Rivera, the president of the Dade County Police Benevolent Association, said Thursday that the officers "saw the white male nearly on top of Mr. Kinsey, who had his hands up and who had his knees up, and to the officers, it looked like the white male was about to shoot Mr. Kinsey", Rivera said.

"He's like, 'Please, don't shoot me, '" Napoleon said.

City authorities didn't provide more details about why police shot behavior therapist Charles Kinsey on Monday, apparently as he tried to protect an autistic patient in his care. They said they didn't agree with the reason why the officer fired his weapon.

John Rivera, president of the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, said the officer who shot Kinsey was actually trying to save the caregiver's life because he feared the autistic man was going to harm him. Five officers were killed in Dallas two weeks ago and three law enforcement officers were gunned down Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. "A insane guy ran by with a revolver in his hand and they have him on the ground", a woman is heard saying in Spanish.

Interactions between police and autistic people are much fewer and farther between, but when they go wrong, they really go wrong. "But when it comes to a black man, the first thing they do is draw their gun". This is not the case of a police abuse.

Many demonstrators and activists are concerned at the apparent lack of effect for police officers who shoot citizens.

Police ignored Kinsey and shot him in the leg. Police then handcuffed Kinsey and left him bleeding on the ground for over 20 minutes. In these instances, they need to be more aware that the person is more likely to react spontaneously, even if unprovoked.

"As long as I've got my hands up, they're not gonna shoot me, that's what I'm thinking", he said.

North Miami police have opened up a hotline for community comments.

Two North Miami city councilmen, Philippe Bien-Aime and Scott Galvin, also spoke to reporters. About 40 Black Lives Matter protestors demonstrated Thursday at the police department and demanded the officer be fired.

"He can come back to work whenever he wants".

The encounter played out near a group home where Kinsey works.

Kinsey's attorney, Hilton Napoleon, said his client also heard another officer ask the same question.

A second police officer, Cmdr.

No gun was recovered at the scene, the city's police chief said.

"The officer in this case. wishes nothing but the best for Mr. Kinsey", Rivera said, adding that the officer "is praying for his speedy recovery".

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