Sanders: 'Awful' DNC emails should cost party chair her job

by Wade Massey July 27, 2016, 9:00
Sanders: 'Awful' DNC emails should cost party chair her job

Some of the emails reveal bias against the Bernie Sanders campaign throughout the primary season, even as party spokespeople - including now-deposed DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz - insisted there was an even playing field for both campaigns. The correspondence appeared to show top officials at the supposedly neutral Democratic National Committee favoring Hillary Clinton in the presidential primaries against Sanders. "I think that's going to have to come from the other side".

Her fellow Floridians loudly booed her when she spoke at her home state's delegate breakfast Monday morning. It was there Wasserman Schultz earned her reputation as a workhorse and outspoken liberal willing to spar with Republicans on television. She is expected to serve as "honorary chair" of Clinton's 50 state program and also to serve as a surrogate for the Clinton campaign nationally and in Florida. But so far Canova, a law professor in his first-ever political campaign, has echoed Sanders' success online. But I'm interested in seeing whether the MSM plays it up (as it did with the Republicans in Cleveland), plays it down, or plays it straight. And a little bit of interest from the press.

But Baltimore mayor and DNC Secretary Stephanie Rawlings-Blake denied any suggestion that Clinton's camp was treated more favorably by the committee.

"I'm not shocked but I'm disappointed", Sanders said of the emails earlier on Sunday on ABC's This Week.

She outlined collaboration with Bernie Sanders representatives on convention planning and hiring of Sanders campaign staff by the Clinton campaign.

"Let's be respectful", Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Allison Tant said, pounding a gavel to try to restore order. "I had thought that she would have thought better of it, but she did not".

"We have to make sure that we move together in a unified way".

The leaked emails prompted primary runner-up Bernie Sanders to call for Wasserman Schultz's immediate resignation. Perhaps part of the calculation was that Wasserman Schultz represented South Florida, a Democrat-rich area of a critical swing state in the upcoming election.

But her ouster, couched as it was by her vow to be present at the convention and beyond-by supportive words from presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton-may not be enough to win over skeptical Sanders supporters. We've got this wrapped up.

What has the Sanders folks most up in arms is Clinton's selection of Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Brazile will serve as acting DNC chair until a permanent replacement for Wasserman-Schutlz can be selected. "But if you had people in there who were trashing one of the candidates, I can tell you this, if I were still chairman they wouldn't be working there". Eleanor Sobel, D-Hollywood. "We know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that's not the Florida that we know", Wasserman Schultz shouted over the crowd.

"She reached this position and couldn't help herself", Morgan said. So she's done her job.

She'll take a page from Trump's book in doing so.

Sanders said the resignation was the "right decision for the future of the Democratic Party", and he hoped new leadership would "open the doors of the party and welcome in working people and young people". "I mean there's no question to my mind and I think no question to any objective observer's mind that the DNC was supporting Hillary Clinton, and was at opposition to our campaign".

Wasserman Schultz's abrupt departure was undoubtedly an effort to keep the Democrats' gathering from devolving into the tumult that marred last week's GOP meeting, when runner-up Ted Cruz pointedly and publicly refused to endorse nominee Donald Trump. "This is the real world that we live in". And at least one Sanders' delegate said there was talk of protests during Kaine's acceptance speech. Former Gov. and U.S. Sen.

"They were writing the Constitution in this city with a lot bigger discord than a chair of a party trying to put her finger on the scale inappropriately", Blakemore said.

Now, she faces a new challenge.

Before the endorsement, Canova was a little-known figure.

Canova has raised $2.3 million through the end of June, more than three-quarters from donors giving $200 or less. Canova also trails in the cash-on-hand department, but still has more than $986,000 left.

"I think it went much further than Debbie Wasserman Schultz". She's a known entity. "And she will continue fighting".

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