Police search for possible video of shooting that injured 3 men

by Abel Hampton July 16, 2016, 13:13
Police search for possible video of shooting that injured 3 men

A rattle of gunfire ended the jam session. The man beside him was checking some stuff out on his phone.

Thirty shots, maybe more.

In a horrific incident three men were shot by a gunman when there were llive on Facebook.

On the other side of Norfolk, 24-year-old Raven Campbell took a break from studying for nursing school and clicked on the streaming video of a middle school friend. She said Castile was shot five times as he sat at the steering wheel reaching into his back pocket for his ID.

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The video then carries on for over an hour with the voices of paramedics and police officers on the scene. In March, a 31-year-old was also shot at while making a Live video. Last week in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, the girlfriend of Philando Castile recorded the aftermath of his fatal shooting by police officers.

The incident is the second time in a week Facebook Live has captured a shooting or the moments directly after a shooting.

Williams's Facebook page says he is from Berkley, the neighbourhood in Norfolk where the shooting occurred.

Norfolk police confirmed the legitimacy of Facebook live video in a statement on Wednesday. Detectives do not have a description of the suspects. However, violent content that is graphic or disturbing is not a violation if it's posted to bring attention to the violence or condemn it.

A video that surfaced on Facebook Live appears to be related.

The Rev. Keith Ivan Jones, pastor of Norfolk's Shiloh Baptist Church, called what he saw on the video "insane". The now critically wounded victim and his two friends, who were also injured in the attack, were shot at while just hanging out in their vehicle!

While police have not officially said the Facebook Live video was recorded at the Bainbridge Street location, a man can be heard in the video giving the emergency operator the same address.

"I used that to help me", he wrote.

According to the New York Times, a friend identified the man holding the camera as T.J. Williams and a man in the driver's seat as Dante Rashad Williams. Later, several bystanders start loudly praying for the victims while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. "Prayers going up" was followed by "Damn man".

"They don't know we listening to everything", added another.

Most live-streaming options take mere seconds to activate.

The guy making the video, TJ Williams, sings along.

"They don't even know the camera on", one Facebook follower commented. "I refuse to watch that video!" The third victim can squeeze hands, but is not talking just yet.

At one point, the man helping the victims calls one of them his nephew, although it's unclear if he is actually a relative or simply a good Samaritan.

He says: 'Look at me, stay with me now. "Stay right there. Keep your eyes open ... keep listening to my voice ... stay breathing". Everybody's got ambulances. Here they come.

'They're coming. They're coming to get you. Focus on me. Don't move. stay with me. "Stay relaxed", said one person after paramedics were on their way to the scene.

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