Pokemon Go Started As An April Fools Joke On YouTube

by Wade Massey July 12, 2016, 8:13

Both the game's servers and Pokemon's official website have been so bombarded with new user registrations that it's forced the former to slow its worldwide roll-out and the latter to periodically freeze account creations.

The goal of the game is to collect as many characters as possible.

O'Fallon police on Facebook warned area residents about Pokemon Go, which uses a mobile phone's mapping and camera to play the free "augmented reality" game that was developed in part by Nintendo Co Ltd.

That something ended up being Pokemon Go, which bears many similarities to the gag that spawned it.

There have been some injuries associated with the game reported. But unlike his fellow enthusiasts, he found something odd: His own home was designated as a "gym" in the app, making it a place where users can go to train and fight Pokémon. Once Niantic adds in more social features, such as the upcoming ability to trade Pokemon and hopefully other aspects like friends' list, duels, and more, the impetus to hop into the game more frequently will only continue to rise. This means the game can read players' emails, send emails on their behalf, access their Google drive documents, and view their search history.

Prosecutors said they are charging three of the suspects with First Degree Robbery and Armed Criminal Action. It's not like the popularity surrounding a new Call of Duty game, for example, because those sorts of traditional games actually discourage you from leaving your gaming system. Very far away. So far away that they're no longer on their smartphone's screen.

Gyms are places where players can get together and fight with their Pokemon or even join a team. People show up at his house like they are on a pilgrimage and there's nothing he can do about this.

Now a serious privacy and security issue has emerged.

Friel recently had his home broken into and he was anxious that the man in his yard was going to attempt to break into his home.

The traffic has picked up in this usually quiet neighborhood and he is concerned his neighbors will start to get irritated. This could lead to deadly consequences for players.

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