Pokémon Go Returns Home To Japan Tomorrow

by Wade Massey July 22, 2016, 1:42

Wednesday's launch of "Pokémon Go" was canceled after internal communication from McDonald's Japan, the game's sponsor, containing launch details leaked on various internet forums, including 2ch, Imgur and Japan's Reddit, TechCrunch reported.

The company, based outside of Chicago, will partner with the developer Niantic in Japan where, to the frustration of legions of would-be players, the game has yet to launch.

Since the release of the game on July 6, Nintendo's stock gained 87 per cent in United Sates, Australia, and New Zealand, adding some $17 billion to its market capitalisation.

Pokemon Go is still not out in Japan, despite the fervent wishes of the enormous local Pokemon fanbase and mobile gamer saturation in the franchise's country of origin. The game will be released, but no specifics as of yet according to the news outlet's sources.

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The prospect of getting to play "Pokemon Go" would have been enough to overload the servers, as it happened in the USA and Canada, but a sponsorship from one of the biggest fastfood chains in the world would have absolutely wrecked the opening day's user numbers. It can now be downloaded in 35 countries after its steady rollout in Europe last week. "I beg them to hurry up!" said Toshihide Onchi, a 40-year-old system engineer who took part in the trial of the game's beta version.

If Niantic's reason for delaying is centered around the perceived hype of the game, then at this rate Japan may never get Pokemon GO. The report also said the promotion would launch today, but it has yet to begin.

According to Tech Crunch's translation, Nikkei is now reporting that Japanese launch will come tomorrow, July 21 instead, although no official confirmation or statement has been given. Reportedly, the number of players of the game is more than Twitter (on active users) and Facebook (on engagement). Launch the App Store app from your home screen and tap on "Updates" at the bottom right corner.

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