McDonald's Japan shares soar, to collaborate on Pokemon GO soon

by Edgar Hayes July 22, 2016, 2:26

Perhaps it will give players looking for the flawless Pokemon training partner the option to check out the new Pokemon GO dating service and get ahead of the over 30 million other fans who have already downloaded the game. "I beg them to hurry up!" said Toshihide Onchi, a 40-year-old system engineer who took part in the trial of the game's beta version. While Pokemon Go will not prove a major direct boost, it could prompt Nintendo to cash in more effectively on an extensive cupboard of characters.

Share prices today opened at 29,170 Japanese yen (about $275), an 8.18% decline from the day before, and then continued to fall during the day, closing 4.86% down from the starting price. Launch the App Store app from your home screen and tap on "Updates" at the bottom right corner. Chief executive John Hanke said in an interview that it would be technically possible to launch in China, but noted that a host of complex rules and restrictions would pose a big hurdle.

McDonald's Holdings Co, the fast-food giant's affiliate in Japan, expects to start collaborating with Pokemon Go soon, according to a statement responding to news reports.

McDonald's which shall sell Pokemon-themed Happy Meals in Japan is seeing a surge in its sales, even as Pokemon Go is yet to be released in Japan. The statement said it will announce details of the collaboration when it is ready.

Pokemon Go soft-launched in Australia and New Zealand first, where smaller populations provide a great first testing ground for an online service before progressing to stress tests in other territories. Many players would agree with us on the fact that the game still has a lot of issues, circling mostly around servers.

The problem was the developers made people hand over "full access" to their Google accounts in order to play the mobile game.

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