Labour to decide on Corbyn ballot entry

by Wade Massey July 12, 2016, 20:54

There are now 230 MPs and 20 MEPs, meaning a candidate in the current race must have 50 nominations.

In Corbyn, the party faithful saw a left-winger with strong views against capitalism, who was anti-war and particularly angered by Blair's decision to invade Iraq and was strongly anti-nuclear weapons as well. "Nominations not attaining this threshold shall be null and void'".

The announcement came only hours after Labour lawmaker Angela Eagle launched her bid to take over the leadership of the party, saying Mr Corbyn was unable to defeat the ruling Conservative Party. Last year, the public had until August 12 to sign up to vote.

The motion also demanded that, if there is to be a leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn should be automatically included on the ballot paper.

Asked if she was doomed to fail, given the huge support for Corbyn among party members, who backed him by almost 60% in last year's landslide leadership election, Eagle replied: "I don't go in for suicide missions". "I can't possibly say what all 1,200 people think - but it's going to be a very lively debate".

She said she could make Labour electable again after the "howl of pain" voters voiced by voting for Brexit.

Journalists scrambled from Ms Eagle's launch event in an effort to cover the news that Home Secretary was to effectively become the next Prime Minister unchallenged.

While Corbyn has never been popular among Labour MPs, he was elected leader less than a year ago with the backing of 60% of party members.

"I don't go in for suicide missions", she said.

Labour's leadership battle looks more likely to end up in the courts with rebels and Jeremy Corbyn loyalists rowing over whether the leader should be able to stand in the contest automatically.

Mr McCluskey said: "This was an attempted political lynching created to bully and bludgeon Jeremy Corbyn, this deeply decent and kind man, out of the job he was elected to do".

Mr Corbyn is prepared to launch a legal challenge against an NEC ruling that would prevent him from appearing on the ballot. "I don't think people will think if Angela Eagle wins the leadership without Jeremy Corbyn being on the ballot paper that's fair".

Meanwhile, deputy leader Tom Watson has told a parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) meeting that his abandoned peace talks with union leaders earlier this month had failed to close the gap between MPs and pro-Corbyn elements of the party.

However, his hard left policies and lacklustre campaign to stay in the European Union has left him with so few supportive MPs in Parliament he can not even form a shadow cabinet.

It is possible that calls will be made at the NEC for it to be delayed until next week, when a meeting had been scheduled to be held.

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