Kabali Frenzy: What Fans Have Done For Rajinikanth!

by Abel Hampton July 23, 2016, 6:57

The fan frenzy surrounding the release of a film starring Indian superstar Rajinikanth can easily rival the fervour of any major festival. However, all their ideas go futile as they are provided with proper solutions which leave them thinking for more strong reasons.

After much anxiety and even more hype, Rajinikanth's Kabali has been released to standing ovation in theatres across the country. But "Kabali" has broken all these norms as the director, music composer, cast and also crew is somewhat new and inexperienced. In Chennai many offices were closed due to the release of Kabali so people visited theaters to watch Kabali. kabali is released on 5000 screens in India as well as Overseas.

Surely, that is a recipe of a sensational box office collections success for Rajinikanth and Kabali. In many theatres of cities like Chennai and Mumbai, fans lined up since night for the release of the movie. "In fact, I have heard that the tickets are also sold out", Gaurav, who is a fan of Rajinikanth, said in a statement.

Superstar Rajinikanth latest offering "Kabali" has hit the theaters today on 22nd July in various version including Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam throughout the World.

Rajinikanth has been creating mayhem at the USA box office.

Made on a budget of 1 billion rupees, or $14,892,126 USA dollars, "Kabali" is expected to earn double the amount within the first three days of its release.

The Malaysia-based AirAsia budget carrier organized a special round-trip flight from the southern city of Bangalore to Chennai for the movie premiere. This is purely Rajinikanth's stamina and star power.

Radhika Apte and Dhansika have performed admirably in the film; Radhike is too brilliant in the scene where she finally meets her husband, while Dhansika can kick ass like a pro! The first was the 1991 film "Thalapathi" which also had Mammootty in a crucial role. "Kabali" has got 135 screens in New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and 70 screens in Punjab. As a tradition, fans perform a ritual called paal abhishekam, in which life-size posters of superstar Rajinikanth are bathed in milk before the launch of each of his films.

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