Female Police Officer Injured in Dallas Shooting is from Wisconsin

by Abel Hampton July 10, 2016, 8:00
Female Police Officer Injured in Dallas Shooting is from Wisconsin

One of the police officers injured in an ambush shooting in Dallas, Texas Thursday night has been identified as a Wisconsin native.

She earned a degree in criminal justice from Madison Area Technical College.

Rocha, of Fox Lake, had just completed training with the Dallas Police Academy and had been been on the job for one month. The Dallas Police Chief said one of the suspects told officers that he wanted to kill white people, "especially white officers". At least one person opened fire on police, killing five and injuring seven others.

Bayer said Rocha has 10-month old baby.

U.S. Senate candidate Russ Feingold also thanked Rocha Friday for her public serve and bravery after the police officer was shot in Dallas.

Bayer said he was watching a recorded program Thursday night when he got a call from Gretchen. "She was transporting somebody, and (that officer) died on the way".

The officer had to drive another officer who was shot to the hospital.

"She's actually going in to work tonight", he said.

"Oh yea definitely, I'm proud of her, very proud of her", says Bayer.

Craig Bayer said his daughter received shrapnel injuries and was treated at a hospital, the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen reported.

Rocha would be closer to her husband's family in Dallas. Gretchen's sister, Ingrid, pinned the department badge on her. Bayer said Gretchen was part of class 348 and her classmates voted to award her the Esprit de Corps award. In an earlier tweet, he says, "I pray that this nation is united against this senseless violence".

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