Cruz: Won't 'sit down, shut up,' endorse Trump

by Wade Massey July 22, 2016, 9:32
Cruz: Won't 'sit down, shut up,' endorse Trump

It's never been clear what Cruz has signed, according to PolitiFact, and the senator has made conflicting statements about his support for the pledge. "That will be another failed calculation, no matter whether Trump wins or loses in the fall". When Sen. Ted Cruz urged the audience to simply vote its conscience in November, the site erupted in loud boos and scattered applause.

More heckling ensued, but Cruz refused to yield, "like a servile puppy dog". Cruz cast his position as personal, a refusal based in part on Trump's insults of his father, Raphael and wife, Heidi.

Republicans were still fuming on Thursday morning about Cruz's remarkable diss, as GOP stalwarts rushed to morning airwaves to bash the Texas senator. "I'm going to continue to watch and listen". He said Cruz should have followed the example of Ronald Reagan at the 1976 convention, who he said "went on to live to fight another day".

Eric Trump, speaking on NBC's Today show, said some people believe Cruz committed "political suicide". On Twitter, the billionaire once threatened to "spill the beans" on Cruz's wife Heidi and retweeted an insulting message on her appearance.

"I did not say a single negative word about Donald Trump", Cruz said at a breakfast hosted by the delegates of his home state. The National Review wrote that "there is no question Cruz will run" again, and he could stand to do better with a less-crowded field of candidates. It also largely overshadowed the keynote speech from Trump's vice presidential nominee, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence.

Controversy over Melania Trump's Monday evening speech continued to hang over the convention. "I hope you would".

"Anybody that has any brain power at all is gonna get behind the Trump train", said the member of the Texas delegation.

Disclosure: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Jared Kushner, the publisher of Observer Media. "They knew what that meant", Manafort told a news conference. People who support Trump and believe that he will be "faithful to the Constitution" could view it as an endorsement of Trump's platform.

Republican officials slammed Texas Sen.

The very deliberate wording of Cruz's line made it entirely possible for both factions to read it and listen to it and come away with something positive.

Manafort said that Cruz "understood what the responsibilities are, someone in his position". Cruz finished second to Trump in the crowded Republican primary campaign and congratulated the GOP nominee on his victory. "If he said that about your wife, if he said that about your dad", he said. "And by your own delegation", he asked Thursday on CBS' "This Morning". He said it's "terrific" that McIver, who is an employee of the Trump Organization, admitted inadvertently lifting the first lady's phrasing from her 2008 convention speech word-for-word. He added that "now that cloud is lifted off" Mrs. Trump. McIver released a statement Wednesday saying that she had inadvertently included some phrases from Mrs. Obama's speech into Mrs. Trump's address and offered her resignation. Many in attendance saw his refusal to endorse Trump as backtracking on a pledge he and the other former primary candidates took a year ago to support whoever became the nominee.

It will take a while to see if things work out that way. Our last moment to do something for our families and our country?

Others had a more positive view of the speech.

But Trump dismissed those motivations.

"You put your entire life out there", he said, adding that Cruz "fell short in a big way", and suggesting his failure to endorse Trump was sour grapes.

Asked why Trump had allowed Cruz to speak, Giuliani raised one possibility: "Maybe he wanted to give Cruz the rope to hang himself".

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