Cruz: Not supporting candidate who wages personal attacks

by Wade Massey July 22, 2016, 1:59

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday dismissed Texas Sen. Speaking on CNN, Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer was asked about NY congressman Peter King's comment that US senator Ted Cruz was an "a-hole".

Sarah Palin, one of Donald Trump's most vocal supporters, planted a verbal haymaker on Ted Cruz Thursday morning, calling the Texas senator's refusal to back the billionaire real-estate tycoon for president as "career-ending". "Every vote that is not for Trump is a vote for Clinton".

Wiegert rushed forward from the Missouri seating area at the rear of the convention floor.

"It would have been the easiest thing in the world to turn tail and run", said Cruz as part of the crowd rose to their feet in applause. He was essentially booed offstage, and the former GOP presidential candidate doubled down on Thursday morning, subjecting himself to jeers from even his home state delegation. Of course, Obama left the podium in Boston in 2004 to cheers and adulation; Cruz exited the stage in Cleveland to a cascade of taunts and boos.

I'm no fan of Cruz. "They will never forget that and they will never forgive him for that", Burlison said. "To me, it was very classless. It was like playing a sport where you won't go shake your opponents' hand when they beat you". But numerous delegates also expressed lingering doubts about his conservative convictions and their distaste for his personal comportment. His high profile address was met with jeers and boos and he seemed to echo numerous same campaign attacks he used against Donald Trump.

A Trump loss in November is the best-case scenario for Cruz's ambitions.

The Times reported that by early Tuesday, passages in Trump's speech that had been inspired by outside sources had to be rewritten or attributed.

From a point of view, it was obvious why Ted Cruz chose to do this: he wants to maximize the size of a potential Trump defeat in November and confirm, once again, that he still aims the presidency, but in 2020. Or rather, Ted Cruz's audience sounded a lot like Nelson Rockefeller's. "That's all he needed to say, and I think that people were waiting for that", said Virginia Haines of Toms River. "They will never forget that, and they will never forgive him for that".

"Last night, Ted Cruz offered the most stirring defense of liberty and the strongest indictment of Hillary Clinton's policies we've yet heard in this campaign". Cruz during the Republican primary, said it's time for the Texas senator to get behind Donald Trump.

Cruz's 23-minute Wednesday night speech didn't include an endorsement of Trump, only congratulations, a defiant step that created an ugly scene, as delegates in the pro-Trump hall shouted through the end of his speech and booed.

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