Crowds cheer Indian superstar Rajnikanth's latest film

by Edgar Hayes July 24, 2016, 5:52
Crowds cheer Indian superstar Rajnikanth's latest film

The collection is unbelievable not only in India but all over the world. Bengaluru offices even observed holiday remark release of the film.

Another, 35-year-old autorickshaw driver Balaji, said: "Rajini's name means style".

Image copyright @mohanstatsman Who is Rajinikanth? . Businesses in southern India have given their employees the day off on Friday so they can attend screenings of a new film starring Tamil cinema's most bankable superstar Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth, one of Asia's highest paid actors, plays an aged gangster who battles with his enemies in an effort to protect his family and business.

The best part of the film, obviously, is Rajinikanth.

People cheer, clap, whistle and stomp their feet every time he comes on-screen.

If you are not much shocked by the above-stated fan, here is another one.

What is Kabali all about?

(Rajinikanth in Kabali) is out to extract his revenge. It also demolishes record of any other Bollywood movie, the last record was held by PK for $1,418,817. The film's tickets are sold out in many regions till Sunday.

Here is an interesting news for Kabali fans. The Calcutta South India Club booked an entire screen at the Cinepolis Acropolis Mall for a 5 p.m. show for Saturday.

The story of Kabali revolves around a man, Kabaliswaran, also known as Kabali, who is the leader of a group of Tamil laborers in Malaysian rubber plantations. The people are getting insane for the film since they had watched the trailer of the film and more among Thalaiva's their is a great craziness.

Rajinikanth and fans attended a special screening in San Francisco.

Kabali Producer Tanu already said that he is expecting more than 500 Crore from the movie he said "I expect the movie to make more than Rs 500 crore when it releases".

It is said that the day one gross figure in TN will be in range of 17- 20 crores, thanks to the high ticket price and big number of screens.

Amid the first day frenzy most visible in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu and even in Benguluru, fans jostled to enter cinema halls in T-shirts and masks featuring their beloved "Thalaivar".

In the opening weekend in the city, the film reportedly will have over 300 shows across theaters.

In 1999, Newsweek magazine compared Rajinikanth's fame in Japan to that of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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