Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who Won Week 3?

by Edgar Hayes July 10, 2016, 11:14
Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Who Won Week 3?

But after some planning by Frank, the group considered sending Tiffany home, and bringing Paulie into the alliance, because she could potentially be a risk later on in the game.

With the twists and turns viewers have already witnessed on this season of Big Brother, it's safe to say that nobody is safe - including Ubly's Nicole Franzel. Winning two challenges in one week is no easy task, though, especially with 13 players still left in the game. Will they vote how they agreed to?

If Bridgette Dunning had not won the HOH this week, previous Big Brother 18 spoilers outlined that someone was going to nominate Frank Eudy for eviction. Bridgette says that she still worries about Frank, but if if the three of us can get through and only two in jury, we can help each other.

As a reminder, Paulie scored the Power of Veto by spelling sustainability with carved mushrooms dug out of goopy "toe jam", and successfully nominated his secret target: Victor.

At the nomination ceremony Paulie puts Paul and Bronte on the block for voting against him last week. It came down to one member from each team: Natalie from Team Unicorn, Tiffany from Freakazoids, Paul from Big Sister and Bridgette from Category 4. But she's put herself in the crosshairs of eviction, particular in the case of Da'Vonne, because she's super paranoid. He then chatted up Chen, who poked fun at his pitiful attempt at strategy, and offered her best #SMH: "honesty in the Big Brother house".

Welcome to the Alliance, Paulie!

At least that's what he claims, telling the entire 8Pack, minus Tiffany.

Wasn't Da'vonne the one that said they need to gun for Frank and get him out quickly?

The votes are in and with a 9-1-0 vote; Victor is evicted from the game. This angered her as she yelled at him to stop hitting her, and while he thought she was joking, she clearly wasn't. It is a tennis themed competition called "Kiss My Ace". In the wake of Thursday night's HOH competition, many in the 8-Pack were scrambling and anxious about who Bridgette might nominate. The lowest number each round is eliminated and if a tie, both HGs eliminated! In an interesting face-off, Paul and Bridgette threw their final balls, and adorable Bridgette clinched the win! Then for the BB Roadkill nomination for eviction to be if it's Frank, to be Da'Vonne because I have a feeling word will get to him about Da'Vonne possibly trying to evict Frank before he evicts her or anyone she may be align too. And finally, what about the new Big Brother event, "Battle Back?"

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