Big Brother 18 Da'Vonne Replaced Corey For 3rd Nominee Today,July 18th

by Wade Massey July 21, 2016, 7:47
Big Brother 18 Da'Vonne Replaced Corey For 3rd Nominee Today,July 18th

Honestly, this feels like the wrong move for Tiffany, Frank and Bridgette's fledgling alliance. Tiffany replaced him with Da'Vonne, and that's when the sparks really started to fly, since it's now Tiff vs. Day in terms of who leaves next.

Corey used the POV to save himself. Paul is not looking likely to change his vote unless Paulie tells him too, and even if Paulie does want Da'Vonne out, he still seems to want Tiffany out this week more. Should she be removed from the block, Paulie will have to come up with a new target for eviction which could lead to yet another shocking eviction tomorrow night!

This season of "Big Brother" has basically become "Big Brother: Showmance Edition".

Based on the temperature in the house revealed from Big Brother 18 spoilers from Live Feeds, it looks like, as of now, it's 6-2 Da'Vonne-Tiffany with Michelle and Paul voting against Tiff. In a bad move for Da'Vonne, James was quite happy to tell Paulie this very clearly, which did not make Paulie very happy. She says Day is being really cocky towards her, saying jury house will be lit etc., Tif wants to know what to do.

At the moment, everyone continues to twiddle their thumbs about the vote, mostly in anticipation of Tiffany being sent out the door and Frank / Bridgette having their hopes dashed once again.

After two more houseguests were put up for eviction by the Head of Household and the BB Roadkill competition took place, Wednesday's episode will see the Power of Veto competition take place. Tiffany confirms she complained to DR about Da'Vonne whipping her hair at her. Da'Vonne was ready for her close up and the petty arguing didn't take long to follow.

In this week's Road Kill competition, "Gasping for Air", the contestants have to hang as many air fresheners as possible in the shortest amount of time. Says she thinks day was working James yesterday.

Everyone pretty much knew that Da'vonne was going up as Corey was determined to use the POV. We've got days of this ahead of us so settle in. Frank also began to wonder whether they should just go after Nicole now instead of Corey. Because of Corey's placement on the block, Nicole - who has engaged in a bit of a showmance with him - was concerned and nervous for her own safety.

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