Bad Chad Johnson returns to 'Bachelorette' in the 'Men Tell All' special

by Wade Massey July 27, 2016, 3:23

Some interpreted this as an indication that Jordan is the last man standing in The Bachelorette Season 12. If so, check it out here. Fletcher reportedly chooses Rodgers over Hayes and gets engaged.

Meanwhile, Reality Steve claims that "The Bachelorette" Season 12 (2016) final rose ceremony ends with an engagement. It was only until he finally opened up and told JoJo he loved her that he became interesting.

JoJo still sent the country boy riding off into the metaphorical sunset, but not before enduring the most heartbreaking goodbye we've seen.

"You want to fight me?" "[It was] just the uttermost disbelief I've ever had in my life", Pell said.

And he found no solace in the limo. [Laughs] So I gave her a little bit of shock factor. During dinner, Chase told her that he wanted to have a future with her. Here's all the information you need, to guarantee you don't miss a minute of the drama that promises to unfold during tonight's Men Tell All special!

But JoJo didn't get butterflies when Chase declared his love to her, and he got sent packing. "I knew in that moment that something didn't feel right". But, it looks like JoJo loves both Jordan and Luke.

"But I'm here just to tell you that I'm proud of you, I'm impressed by you, I admire you, I think you're fantastic", Chase said.

Before leaving for her date with Jordan, JoJo and Robby enjoy breakfast in bed as they reminisce about their romantic evening.

The fact that JoJo seems more into Jordan puts Robby at our number two spot.

But did he think that she might offer him a second chance?

"In my heart and in my gut, I don't know if I'm in the same place as you". "I'm not gonna say those three important words and then cop out early and walk away".

This was not enough for JoJo.

Chase responded harshly, asking her why "love" suddenly equals "get the fuck out", but it's hard to blame him; if you insist on forcing an interaction with someone you just dumped, you're probably not going to get a response that isn't harsh. But during this week's Fantasy Suite dates, there was a pretty big curve ball thrown. and it changed everything.

"Watching it back, I feel bad for how confused Robby and Jordan must have been".

JoJo explained to him that while their relationship had gotten better over time, she hadn't been sure where she stood with him.

Chase didn't exactly have the best reaction.

"I was bawling on the plane", he said. "So now love equals gets the (expletive) out? That was so f**king terrifying for me to say and now look at where I end up".

Johnson has been telling media outlets that he's ready to confront those he said wouldn't stop talking about him on the show. "So, now, love equals 'Go f-- yourself?'" His walkoff-in-a-brooding-huff was classic, though it was somewhat muted when he crashed the rose ceremony, where he bowed out gracefully and was followed home by a monkey.

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