Andrea Leadsom says parents would be sensible not employing men for childcare

by Abel Hampton July 15, 2016, 20:25
Andrea Leadsom says parents would be sensible not employing men for childcare

The new Tory Cabinet minister was branded "stupid and ignorant" after dropping the clanger in the same interview where she talked about Theresa May's childlessness.

Mrs Leadsom's views on waste and recycling are not widely known, but in 2007 she penned a blog post on her constituency website calling for councils to retain weekly waste collections.

The President of the CLA (which represents 32,000 landowners, farmers and rural businesses in England and Wales) has welcomed the appointment of Andrea Leadsom as Defra Secretary, and is calling on her to reduce uncertainty in the rural economy by making clear commitments on five priority issues.

We expect more industry reaction during the course of the day, but speaking last night David Palmer-Jones, CEO for the recycling and recovery division of SUEZ in the United Kingdom, said: "As a long term investor in United Kingdom energy and recycling infrastructure SUEZ welcomes any rationalisation of government departments to ensure the creation of more joined up, long-term strategic policy planning at a national level to help us build the power stations, produce the resources and create opportunities for a skilled labour force the country needs".

'Now you can call that sexist, I call that cautious and very sensible when you look at the stats.

"Your odds are stacked against you if you employ a man", she added.

"We know paedophiles are attracted to working with children".

'I'm sorry but they're the facts'.

During her short leadership campaign, Leadsom pledged to hold a vote on bringing back foxhunting, saying it was "absolutely not proven to be in the interest of animal welfare whatsoever".

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron called on Mrs May to sack Mrs Leadsom from the Government over the remarks.

Mr Farron said: "Andrea Leadsom has let yet another of her masks slip".

The interview was conducted last week when Ms Leadsom was still a contender for the Tory crown.

'It is inconceivable that somebody who holds such offensive, ignorant views should be sat around the cabinet table'.

"Andrea Leadsom should apologise immediately and the Prime Minister should also distance herself from these comments".

After the comments were made, a source close to Mrs Leadsom told The Times she had a male nanny for five years and was not suggesting men couldn't be good nannies.

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