Funny stories from casino

by Wade Massey June 23, 2016, 11:20
Funny stories from casino

Most gamblers who literally ready to leave their last penny inside the casino is recommended a trip to Palestine. It is there at the exit of the first Palestinian casino you will meet an Arab with the strange object in his hands. At the closer look, you will see that it is a hanger with a variety of jackets and jeans. These things he gives to the loser who could not escape the excitement of the casino. So if you are not ready to be mocked, better go to the best online casinos.

There are many options for the slot machines placement in the room: they can be put in a row, an oval, a "star" and so on. The main principle is simple - the gambling establishment should look like the most intricate maze wandering on which gambling guest will not be able to resist the temptation to make a bet or two on any gaming machine. Still with the mobile casino, you will not be fooled.

Monaco is another center of the world of gambling. However, in addition to the huge number of gambling establishments, there are also a lot of cathedrals and temples. In these churches, an unwritten rule operates: priests do not sing the psalms with numbers from 1 to 36 here. People used to hear some of these numbers from the clergy, fled to the nearest casino to make a bet on it.

In general, the superstition common to many gamblers. Knowing this, many casinos at the world do not make their apartments with the number 666, but several rooms can be designated by the number 777. And in China, where the number 4 is considered bringing misfortune, there are no 4th floors of the casino; their numbers are replaced by others.

During the Second World War, each American soldier carried a deck of cards. But they were not for the purpose of gambling entertainment. It was a special deck, which was manufactured by Bicycle Company. Each playing card contained the part of the plan of the area where combat operations took place. With this deck, soldiers who were captured could make an escape plan.


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