Windows 10 ruins Twitch stream in front of the world

by Edgar Hayes May 5, 2016, 14:04
Windows 10 ruins Twitch stream in front of the world

This is perhaps the first recorded instance of Windows 10 installing automatically while a user is actively using their PC, rather than having just nipped off to make a cup of tea. And Microsoft notes it has some great Windows 10 features like Live Tiles, an adaptive UI, and drag and drop.

If Microsoft is already using Project Centennial to produce apps for public consumption, the tool could be a real boon for developers when its release version is ready to go.

While Windows 10 has been reasonably successful on PCs with well over 200 million devices now running the latest Windows iteration, the same on mobile has failed miserably so far.

Recently, Viber has launched its beta version for Windows 10 mobile for testing through the Windows Store and now it has improved this version and named it 6.0.

The release of the Microsoft Surface Phone reportedly depends on when Redstone 2, the second major upgrade for Windows 10, will be made available.

The much liked Swipe Gesture of Internet Explorer is making a comeback in future Windows 10 Mobile builds, Microsoft has confirmed.

The company might soon take an action over this and it might be the end of the Windows 10 Mobile and the Windows Phone devices as we know them to be.



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