The Real Cause of Prince's Death, What Some News Failed To Report

by Wade Massey May 8, 2016, 9:38
The Real Cause of Prince's Death, What Some News Failed To Report

It's been almost two weeks since Prince was found dead in his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota, and, since then, several story lines showing another side of the musical genius have emerged.

The doctor, who has pioneered new methods of pain management using a substance called Buprenorphine as a substitute for Vicodin and Oxycontin, was contacted by Prince seeking shortly before the music legend died on April the 21st

While traces of Percocet were found in Prince's system, it is not yet clear if the opioid contributed to his death, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Now, the USA attorney's office and the DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY have joined the CARVER COUNTY Sheriff's office in the investigation.

That same day, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Attorney's Office announced that they were joining the Carver County Sheriff's Office in the investigation.

Dr. Howard Kornfeld, an addiction and pain specialist, who was asked to help Prince before his death, declined to discuss anything related to the singer.

Mauzy said the plan was to stabilize him in Minnesota, before flying him to California to seek treatment at Dr. Kornfeld's Recovery Without Walls rehab center in Mill Valley.

He sent his son, Andrew Kornfeld, who works with him, to Minnesota to Paisley Park to explain how the confidential treatment would work, Mauzy said.

When Andrew Kornfeld arrived at Paisley Park, the home-studio complex Prince owned in a Minneapolis suburb, the singer was not available, Mauzy said.

He said Andrew Kornfeld told him when Prince was found the other people on the scene "screamed" and "were in too much shock", so Kornfeld made the emergency call. No one has suggested that Prince took the buprenorphine provided by them.

The elder Kornfeld planned to fly out the next day, and hoped to bring Prince back to California for long-term treatment.

The of cause of the singer’s death remains undetermined, and it could be weeks before autopsy results are released.


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