Morning Joe Guest Says DNC Chairwoman 'Bungled' The Democrat Election

by Abel Hampton May 25, 2016, 2:32
Morning Joe Guest Says DNC Chairwoman 'Bungled' The Democrat Election

Former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. said Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has “bungled” her handling of Bernie Sanders’ campaign “from the outset.”

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, Ford said that it “looked obvious at times” that Wasserman Schultz was favoring Hillary Clinton over Sanders.

“With regard to Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz, I think she bungled this from the outset,” said Ford, who supports Clinton. “I’ve said on the show, I thought there should have been more debates. I thought it perhaps looked obvious at times — she has every right to declare her support for Mrs. Clinton, as I have as well, but I do think as party chairman, you have a set of responsibilities.”

“And I think a strong case can be made that there’s no reason to have antagonized Sanders’ campaign as it looks as if he has been, or the campaign has been from the outset. I think a lot of this could have been resolved earlier on,’’Ford said

On Monday, Democrat Party leadership allowed Sanders to name five people to the 15-member committee that will craft the party's platform, the Washington Post reports.

As a superdelegate, Reed has pledged his support to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, even though she lost the Rhode Island's Democratic primary to Sanders, 55 percent to 43 percent.

As displeasure grows against DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the same firebrand voters who have monetarily supported Sanders for this entire election cycle have began to put their money toward Florida congressional candidate Tim Canova.

The Sanders campaign has always been critical of Schultz-early on for the scant number of

Underlining Clinton's confidence that she will become the Democratic candidate, her campaign said on Monday she would not participate in a debate with Sanders in California, despite having previously agreed to attend the event hosted by Fox News.

Her opponent is Tim Canova, a professor of law and public finance who in 2011 served on an advisory committee on Federal Reserve reform set up by Sanders in his capacity as a Vermont senator.

Speaking on MSNBC Tuesday, Mr. Canova said he raised roughly $250,000 after Mr. Sanders announced his support for his candidacy, but that he raised more than $1 million in four months before Mr. Sanders' support.

The fundraising ploy comes a day after Sanders said he would oust Wasserman Schultz as DNC chairwoman if elected president.

"It's been pretty clear nearly from the get-go that she has been working against Bernie Sanders-I mean, there's no doubt about it-for personal reasons", Weaver said, again ticking through the criticisms he launched earlier, but this time adding that the chairwoman "appointed really hostile Hillary Clinton partisans" to head standing committees, too.

Mr. Sanders said he was not encouraging protests at the Philadelphia convention, "but of course people have the right to peacefully assemble and make their views heard".

Both candidates have big-name supporters: Wasserman Schultz has been endorsed by President Barack Obama while Canova has been endorsed by Bernie Sanders. He said the Democratic Party could choose to be more inclusive. "There is an increase in their preference for Sanders over time". When you give numbers like her winning reelection over 60 percent of the vote, this is a very safely Democratic district, like numerous districts in this country that have been gerrymandered.

Canova accused Wasserman Schultz of ignoring her home district's economic issues.

"Like Bernie, we are running a campaign that is funded by working Americans, not corporations or wealthy elites", Canova said.

And then you take a look at this presidential cycle, it's not just the rise of Bernie Sanders, but you also have Donald Trump.

State records show Wasserman Schultz received 2,453 verified signatures as of May the 17th.

"We have a rigged economy", Sanders said, saying some Disney workers live in low-rent hotels because they can't afford housing in Orange County. Rather than paying a filing fee, her campaign said it had turned in more than 10,000 signatures to get her name on the ballot in Florida's 23rd District for the August the 30d primary.



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