Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Be Released In The Next Month

by Edgar Hayes May 2, 2016, 5:20
Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Be Released In The Next Month

It is also believed that Microsoft will be upgrading the stylus mount on the tablet. Its siblings Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book are getting promotional ads from Microsoft.

The most important reason is the fact that the tech giant is offering one discount after the other on different versions of Surface Pro tablets. The price cut is substantial and this has made it all the more enticing for the Windows fans across the country and beyond. Using the same strategy that Google has for its Nexus devices, Microsoft will use the Surface Pro 5 to showcase the new capabilities of its newly updated Windows OS. Given that the Surface Pro 4 already ships with the Skylake processors, Microsoft would likely equip the Surface Pro 5 with an upgraded processor. The device has an attractive magnesium frame.

Furthermore, the tablet has 4 GB of RAM configuration and supports standard connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Several reports suggest that the delay of Windows 10 update could play a big role in the release of Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

It has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera.

Contrary to speculations that the Surface Pro 5 will hit the shelves before 2016 ends, recent reports claim that it will arrive sometime next year.

There are also talks that the latest iteration of the Surface Pro may finally include the keyboard cover, which has been traditionally sold as a separate accessory.

With these innovative and advanced specs rumored for the Surface Pro 5, Microsoft will undoubtedly have another successful device to put under its belt. Rumors are swirling that the upcoming tablet will have rechargeable Surface Pen and will carry a mini displayport for video. Rumors are doing the rounds that the new device will carry a price tag that begins at $899. Earlier it was reported that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 launch date is postponed to 2017 since Microsoft is concentrating on Surface Phone.

The new MacBook Pro lineup will be unveiled at the WWDC 2016 event that will take place in June, so if you're interested in purchasing the current 13.

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