Microsoft No Longer Interested In Windows 10 Mobile OS, Windows Phone Devices?

by Lawrence Cooper May 4, 2016, 5:21
Microsoft No Longer Interested In Windows 10 Mobile OS, Windows Phone Devices?

The path to Windows 10 has been full of sunny skies for many companies right out of the gates.

Microsoft Surface Phone is being designed by Panos Panay, head of Surface and his team of engineers who worked on the Surface Pro tablet device line.

Regardless of how all that plays out, Microsoft's goal is to have Windows 10 installed on 1 billion devices within three years of launch, which works out to July 2018.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told the assorted throngs that organisations using digital technology to transform and drive new growth increasingly choose Microsoft as a partner. Windows 10 has been appreciated by many of its users because of its additional features and interactive interface. Then again, malware writers don't target platforms that have less than 2 percent market share. The OS giant plans to launch Windows 10 Anniversary update this summer to regain user interest. Windows 10 improved its position a fraction of a percent, going from a 14.15 percent share of the desktop OS market in March to finishing April with a 14.36 percent. It was first taken over by Windows 7 in September 2012 as having the largest share.

"As these organisations turn to us, we're seeing momentum across Microsoft's cloud services and with Windows 10, " he said, perhaps over optimistically. It garnered 4% of the PC market in April, Net Applications said.

If rumors prove to be true, Microsoft Surface Phone will also have 8 GB RAM, which would be pretty unbelievable since none of its class today sports the same specification. However, the company did not offer any confirmation in this regard. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 combined now hold 12.11 percent of the market, with the figure expected to fall below 10 percent within the year. Dubbed as the last OS version of Windows but with regular updates to the service, Windows 10 has no doubt shown an impressive growth trajectory in terms of OS market share.

Microsoft often seems to avoid permanent price cuts on its hardware wherever possible, instead favoring promotional discounts on most of its devices every few weeks - but sometimes, these deals last a lot longer.

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