Kelly Ripa Just Brought Up Michael Strahan's Divorce

by Wade Massey May 2, 2016, 23:25
Kelly Ripa Just Brought Up Michael Strahan's Divorce

"After meeting with the producers of both "Live" and 'Good Morning America, ' and after speaking with Kelly and Michael, we have decided on a plan that best advantages both shows for the future", a spokesperson of the show reportedly divulged.

Kelly Ripa is about to have a bunch of new guest co-hosts after Michael Strahan leaves 'Live!'

The 48-year-old "Anderson Cooper 360" host told Cohen that he had heard the rumors, but was "very happy" with his current jobs.

She walked hand-in-hand with Strahan onto the stage of her show Tuesday as it began, and Strahan swiftly let his co-host stand alone to talk about the incident.

But Cooper has addressed the speculation in an interview with Andy Cohen on Thursday night, insisting he liked his current job.

The subject of Cooper joining Live was brought up when a viewer called into WWHL to ask Cooper what he thought about the recent drama surrounding the morning talk show.

According to many reports, Ripa was "blindsided" by Strahan's departure, apparently only finding out about it minutes before ABC made the news public.

Source Us Magazine
Source Us Magazine

How else to explain why the scrappy host of "Live!" appears unable to restrain herself from making cracks at Strahan's expense.

Ripa meanwhile spent last weekend celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary with husband Mark Consuelos.

The former Saved by the Bell actor and Extra host has sat next to Ripa in the past as a guest host, however, he could be a contender for a full-time partner. He told Us Weekly earlier this week, "I've kind of said everything I had to say about it. I have 10 jobs!"

I love watching him and Kelly together.

For anyone who thinks the show is scripted, this clip will prove otherwise... because Strahan clearly had no idea Ripa was about to mention his split from his wife.

At least until it was overshadowed by Prince's death, Ripa's absence was a hot news topic, with debates raging about whether Walt Disney Corp. officials were being sexist by engineering the change without Ripa's participation, or whether Ripa's had responded to it appropriately. The book, "The Rainbow Comes and Goes", instantly reached No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list.

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