Do We Already Know 'Gotham' Season 3's Main Plot-line?

by Wade Massey May 25, 2016, 22:06

The more serialized approach worked in making the show more palatable and less dour by injecting some fun into the mix. The season finale airs tonight on Fox - have you stuck with the show and will you tune in to see next year's crop of villains?

Most of the Indian Hill patients were seen through the eyes of the traumatized homeless woman who unknowingly freed them from their crashed escape bus, but Mazouz decked in a ridiculous long wig comes into focus and looks directly into camera to say thank you to the woman for helping. Or, because why the hell not, maybe Hugo Strange also slapped together a full-on duplicator for his Calvin & Hobbes-ish assortment of gadgets, which he used to make an exact double of Bruce Wayne. Selina/Cat agreed to be the servant of Bridgit/Firefly in order to save her own life. Fish is back, and she's better than ever, y'all! "The Court of Owls, this sort of illuminati group that's been pulling the strings behind Gotham for centuries and might be the real culprits in the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, among other things".

Gotham was more of a dark comic book than ever this season, especially with Dr. Strange and his band of merry crazies. The scene is hilarious, and it further shows the working relationship she has with Penguin and Butch.

Gotham Season 3 will return to Fox in the fall. How will the Court of Owls play into everything? They are all able to come back. Bruce dedicates himself to tracking down this shadowy organization that supposedly runs everything in Gotham - which comic fans and newbies alike would call a weak sauce reveal considering the source material.

The Hugo Strange story line came to an abrupt halt on Monday's season finale of Gotham, but what's left me the most confused about "Wrath of the Villains: Transference" is the complete 180 of James Gordon.

So, when does Gotham Season 3 premiere?

It would appear that the Acting Police Captain Harvey Dent will move into the role of Captain by next season.

What about the other Gotham villains? All day after Faux Gordon "escaped" from his sleuthing in Indian Hill, he acted super weird. It certainly alludes to the fact that Butch still has some affinity with Fish considering he did work for her at one point.

The last we saw of Edward Nygma, he was still locked in a cell at Indiana Hills. Based on that info, we're assuming Season 3 drops Monday, September 19, 2016.

Perhaps, like in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Heart of Steel", this Bruce Wayne double is actually an android duplicate built by a sentient machine. Nice setup for season 3. Similarly, the much-hyped storyline of the maniacally laughing villain Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) is all but holding up a neon sign and asking to expect a Joker origin story.

I have no idea what the shocking ending of the season two finale means for season three, but if we get more Fish Mooney and her nutty new powers of persuasion, along with all the Indian Hill escapees terrorizing the streets of Gotham, then sign me up ASAP. Replays of the most recent episode of Gotham can be streamed on-demand at Fox's website beginning Tuesday.

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