Peyton Manning named in University of Tennessee sexual assault lawsuit

by Steven Clarke February 17, 2016, 16:03
Peyton Manning named in University of Tennessee sexual assault lawsuit

Six former students filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Tennessee last week, according to The Tennessean newspaper, claiming the athletic department has long condoned a "hostile sexual environment".

According to the newspaper, the allegation that Manning sexually assaulted a female athletics trainer while in college was first reported in 2003.

The filing of the lawsuit comes at a time when Manning, a future Hall of Fame quarterback who is a 14-time Pro Bowl selection, is being investigated by the league over allegations that he had human growth hormone sent to his house. While he possibly wants to speak (and some would say he needs to speak, if only to address allegations that, on the surface, are troubling and disturbing), anything he says could trigger a separate claim from Naughright that he has violated the terms of the settlement agreement that resolved the defamation case. That's the whole point.

"Counsel for Peyton Manning has requested that certain exhibits and deposition testimony relating to the 1994 incident be designated as part of the "confidential record" and not be publicly revealed", the document states.

Before new news about old news recently broke concerning Manning's locker room behavior with a female trainer while a student at the University of Tennessee, it was widely speculated that Manning would retire following his second Super Bowl triumph.

In 2003, USA Today got ahold of court documents regarding the incident between Manning and Naughright and questioned whether the allegations could tarnish the then-Indianapolis Colts QB's image. Manning said he was "mooning" a teammate, but still settled with Naughright out of court in 1997.

Osweiler, 25, is set to become a free agent when the new league year begins on March 9 and several teams could be lining up to give Osweiler a significant payday. He said that as a child in high school he was allegedly attacked by a group of white people because he was black.

This is why this story matters, for reasons even beyond the ways in which it peels back Manning's carefully curated image.

For her depiction in the book, Naughright sued the Mannings, their ghostwriter John Warren Underwood, and the Harper Collins Publishing Company in 2001.

In fact, Manning does have something to do with the recent lawsuit filed against the University of Tennessee, in that he is named in the suit.

Nobody says Manning is ideal, just that he's about as close as a superstar athlete can be to perfection.

The Broncos will have some decisions to make this offseason, and probably more important than any others will be the decisions they make on the defensive front with Von Miller and Malik Jackson.

It is hard to look at this from every possible angle and not agree with Ms. Luther. "Omaha!" the way Peyton Manning has gotten his teams out of so many tight fixes, life would be easier. He is just a high-profile illustration of the priorities at play and the ways in which the reputations-not to mention the very safety-of women are irrelevant to the needs of Big Football. In other words, the fight is underway to clean up Knoxville and Peyton's case is not only relevant: it's foundational.


Or has the face of the National Football League for almost two decades gotten a pass from the media?

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