Patriots owner Robert Kraft says one Brady better than two Mannings

by Steven Clarke February 13, 2016, 22:44
Patriots owner Robert Kraft says one Brady better than two Mannings

Patriots owner Robert Kraft has never been one to shy away from the microphone, and even though Peyton Manning and the Broncos beat his team in the AFC championship game and then won Super Bowl 50, the longtime owner is still poking fun.

"I think, if I have any regrets, it's that the conference championship wasn't played here in our hometown", Kraft said. "He has two sons who have won two Super Bowls (each). But with all due respect, we've got one son who's won four". So was his quarterback, Tom Brady, who was met with an onslaught of boos from the pro-Broncos crowd when he stepped out onto the field to be honored for his multiple Super Bowl MVP awards.

He's not wrong. Peyton Manning has two rings, Eli Manning has two rings, and Tom Brady has four rings.

Patriots' owner Robert Kraft is a bitter, bitter man. Advantage: Kraft's son, Tom Brady. Kraft isn't wrong about that part, and it's certainly an incredibly impressive accomplishment for the franchise over the past decade and a half.

Peyton Manning was, of course, the beneficiary of all this. Instead, the Patriots sputtered, losing 20-10 in the regular season finale. He couldn't hold himself back from taking a small shot at the Mannings (Eli and Archie included). Combined, the Manning brothers are 5-2 against the Patriots in the playoffs, proving to be the biggest obstacle to the Patriots not winning more titles.

Speaking of what could have been, Kraft said that his biggest regret of the season was that the Patriots had to play the AFC Championship game on the road. Kraft told WCVB that he encountered Archie Manning while attending the game in Santa Clara.

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