Lady Gaga sings national anthem at Super Bowl 50

by Wade Massey February 10, 2016, 6:06
Lady Gaga sings national anthem at Super Bowl 50

"Lady Gaga went from singing IKEA parking lots to singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl within 8 years, I am so proud of her!"

Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, and Ellen DeGeneres were among the stars wowed by Lady Gaga's performance at the Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga made the first big score during Super Bowl 50 Sunday night, turning in a stunning rendition of America's National Anthem. "It took crooning with Tony Bennett and singing with Julie Andrews at the Oscars for the rest of the world to catch on to the transgressive powers of her talent". News. "I don't think she realized the scope of it and the magnitude of what that was".

Gaga was joined by hearing-impaired Oscar victor Marlee Matlin, who performed the song in American Sign Language, and the 50-year-old actress is elated to have taken part, writing on her Twitter account: "She is spectacular".

Lady Gaga explained, this is "one of the highest honors of my career".

Lady Gaga sings national anthem at Super Bowl 50
Lady Gaga sings national anthem at Super Bowl 50

Lady Gaga proved once and for all she has some serious pipes.

Wearing a glittering red suit and matching eye shadow, along with American-flag inspired shoes, Gaga belted out the anthem into a silver microphone. Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars are all slated to perform during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. She sang spiritedly into a silver microphone.

A source said: "She wants to celebrate her heritage, so they're looking at places in the Italian countryside". This was her biggest audience till the date with an estimated 190 million people watching the Super Bowl.

This is an artist who's learned how to work what she's got, and what Gaga has, is a layered, smoky lower register. "They've been around a long time, so I thought about what they mean now, I just sang from my heart".

She drifted around New York City, performing and developing her on-stage persona.

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