Lady Gaga Delivers Astonishing David Bowie Grammy Tribute Medley

by Wade Massey February 17, 2016, 3:10
Lady Gaga Delivers Astonishing David Bowie Grammy Tribute Medley

Gaga took the stage in a David Bowie-inspired outfit, complete with red hair, blue eyeshadow, a white suit and a feather boa. Channelling Ziggy Stardust, Lady Gaga swaggered through an epic nine-song medley in honour of her hero, delivering an elaborate, emotional performance that reduced some audience members to tears.

Lady Gaga's otherworldly, futuristic tribute to the late music legend was as eclectic as David Bowie and an all-round hit at the Grammys.

Bowie, a forerunner of Gaga's brand of provocative, gender-bending performance imagery, died of cancer at age 69 on January 10, just two days after the release of what became his critically acclaimed final studio album, Blackstar.

The singer moved viewers to tears as she belted out a medley of the legendary singers greatest hits in front of a celeb filled crowd at the Staples Centre.

"We wanted to create an expression of not only David Bowie's magic, but also to show that there is magic that can be made with technology", Gaga said in a video shared by Intel. So it's only fitting that she was chosen to lead the David Bowie Grammys tribute. Lastly a combination of her Intel Curie technology-based ring and holographic display materials were used to allow Lady Gaga to generate a three-dimensional hologram of David Bowie on the Grammy stage. "I think that this collaboration with Intel has been very different than anything I have done before".

We've also seen The Countess rock a pink mullet, huge dark curls and more recently a blonde 'perm.'

She said: 'When I was 19 years old... "I worshipped him. I read the materials of his life", she said.

Gaga sure likes challenges but did she win this one?

In order to further honour Bowie, Gaga decided to get a tattoo of the singer's likeness.


"I've been wanting to get one for a long time", she explained. Although the pop star has never met Bowie, she says they "were pen pals".

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