British Lawmakers Debate Banning Donald Trump over Anti-Muslim Views

by Steven Clarke January 22, 2016, 22:59

"I've watched him stand on the floor of the Senate and call the majority leader a liar", Lott added. He's third in Iowa behind Cruz and Trump. According to Lott, Cruz disrupted the decorum of the Senate and was not a nice guy to work with. It goes on to charge Trump with bulldozing a widow's home in Atlantic City in order to build a "limousine parking lot at his casino". "Then you have Ted Cruz, who's gone from a libertarian view to carpet bombing the country". Everyone is so fixated on being liked, they've become politically correct unwilling and unable to offend anyone. Iowa governor Terry Branstad, who ordinarily stays neutral during the caucuses, isn't supporting any particular candidate but is telling everyone not to vote for Cruz.

He also attacked Trump for his past positions on immigration reform.

As he wrapped up a five-day campaign swing in New Hampshire, Cruz was heartened by crowds and emboldened by his critics, Trump foremost among them.

It's not happening because the party has suddenly realized that alienating as many voting blocs as possible is the key to success, or because they've come to understand what a fine fellow Trump is, or because they think he'll win the general election.

"Donald Trump, I think, is the most unprepared person I've ever met to be commander in chief", said Graham, who was running for President before dropping out in December.

The Republicans spoke out the day after Bob Dole, the well-respected former senator from Kansas and 1996 Republican presidential nominee, said it would be cataclysmic if Cruz were nominated.

The gap between the two leading candidates narrows dramatically when only voters who participated in the 2012 caucuses were counted: Trump pulled 30% support among previous caucusgoers, compared to 28% for Cruz - a statistical dead heat.

The Republican front runners can't agree on much of anything, except what they consider a dire need to beat the Democratic nominee.

The comments came not long after the conservative magazine National Review published its latest issue online featuring a collection of scathing anti-Trump essays from noted conservatives, underscoring the deep resistance that remains to his unorthodox candidacy, despite his commanding lead in early polls.

THE GOAL: Here Cruz is trying to get on Trump's nerves by suggesting that the self-styled victor isn't really winning.

But it is Trump who captures the GOP desire for an outsider. They already know from Cruz's history that he intends to shake up Washington, and many of them could find themselves on an unemployment line.

"On the question of which candidate better represents Republican values, 29% choose Cruz, 28% side with Trump and 15% favor Rubio", CNN said.

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